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    Alnajah Center for Training & Development ( ACTD ) is a civil society organization registered in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Iraqi organization non-government of young people take from the Province of Basra-based, with national Partners , ACTD works To care for young people and develop their abilities and prepare them for field work and implementation of voluntary activities, advocacy campaigns . ACTD Vision: successful youth prosperous society Our Partner :

  • Mission

    ACTD Mission: 1.Develop the capacities of the young people who are the decision-making workers in the civil society and develop their skills and self-scientific process and the private sector to be able to work better . 2. Development the capacities of the children and Preparation the right climate for creativity and education. 3. Embracing the creators and the successful in the field of human development and provide appropriate opportunities for them to be the core of the center and part of the Participants in achieving our objectives. 4. Activate Advocacy campaigns to change the laws and stimulate volunteer campaigns. 5. Defend on the rights of young people in political participation.

  • Vision

    Young successful ... prosperous society

  • Board and Managment

    Board of Directors It consists of five members, four of whom chairs the administrative and fifth headed the Board of Directors Administrative departments  1. The financial and human resources department. 2 - Department of Relations and Media. 3. Training and Development Department. 4. Department of programs and projects  

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