• Ramadan competitions

    ACTD's activities for ramadan are ongoing, ramadan competitions between organized groups of our smart youth with a lot of fun, excitement, education, prizes and many more !

  • planning workshop

    The "vision program" never stops working, it made a workshop that dealt with planning a one's goal the right way, to increase the productivity of our youth, by the trainer Mohanned Kadhem.

  • The concept of civil activist

    ACTD was held within the activities of "vision program" to build and develop the capacity of young activists session discuss on Friday,at Al-frahedy Street for Culture and books with the participation of the two groups A + B with the presence of a group of community workers in civil field . The meeting addressed the dialogue on the concept of civil activist and community activist, and whichever is nearest to contain other community sectors. Turning a thorough debate dialogue about the religious establishment and the cleric as well as political

  • Session to read the constitution

    ACTD was Held session to discuss the Constitution,this event was one of the events covered by the participants in Vision Project , Mr.Tareq Al-braism manged the dialogue , he is a famous lawyer and they talked about the second door of the Constitution of Iraq addressed Season called rights and freedoms The meeting also dealt with a dialogue on federalism and federal universe and its effects The  successfully launched a vision to build and develop the capacity of a group of young men and women activists in the civil society field

  • Youth Program

      Youth Program one of ACTD Projects partner with NED we Working with youth in two-lane: Track I : building the capacity of youth and qualification them in the area of advocacy and change the laws. Track II: Empowering youth to call for lowering the legal age for candidacy .

  • SCW

    Success in Changing World : The Main Project for ACTD we work on the mindset , Working to dismantle the the convictions and rebuilt in accordance to  success  21 vision , where the program is working to promote a culture of success and prosperity among youth

  • Startup Weekend Basra

    Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 400 past events in 100 countries around the world in 2011. ACTD Held Three event in Basra for 250 Beneficiary

  • Volunteer Program

    Volunteer program in ACTD : an activity ongoing led by ACTD volunteers in different events included (Visit Child Hospital, visit the Churches of Christ) in Basra for the purpose of solidarity and cohesion , in this program we look to develop the capacity of the Young People who they Volunteer with the Program By Training and Follow-ship

  • HUB

    Open Program for Reduce the Gap between the Government , People and the NGOs This Project was funded by Mercy Corps and USAID in BPCS program

  • Tijwal Alnajah

    Tijwal Alnajah is Social activity with Youth to fun and learn the main reason of this Project is : 1- To be part of the Generation Development by Promote ACTD culture . 2- The Project is Big Opportunity to fundraising ACTD . 3- Tijwal is the space for those who alumni from ACTD Programs and Projects